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From the Board May 15, 2017

by Admin
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 I hope this finds everyone anxious to rodeo in Panguitch, Utah! With two Timed Events and two full Rodeos Lance and Jessica Miller are working hard at meeting our needs for producing a great weekend. I challenge all NSPRA members to pack up your favorite outdoor games and the ponies, let’s rally in Panguich!

Challenge number 2… Sponsors! Sponsors! Sponsors! Event Directors always appreciate members helping broaden the spectrum of opportunities in gathering sponsors.
Strength in numbers takes the pressure off of one individual, so let’s all pitch in to help build this season into one of our finest yet.

I would like to remind everyone to keep checking our website for updates and information. Annette O’Leary has given us a spectacular new user friendly website. Thank you Annette!

In bringing this article to a close, I would like to let everyone know that our fellow members injured in March are all doing well. For those curious about the Dale and Chuck team… we shall see the two again in Panguitch. #bubblesuit#helmet#duckncover!

Saddle up, check your cinch and stay blessed, see you down the road! Your NSPRA Friend,
Elaine Lewis


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