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Mary Garret


My name is Mary Louise Garrett, born January 6, 1949, on the Black Feet Indian Reservation. My great grandfather was awarded the legacy award as a historical figure that had great impact on Montana's western heritage. He was an Italian immigrant and my great grandmother was a full-blooded Black Feet Indian.

Horses have played an important part of our lives living on the reservation; either it was our transportation, enjoyment or competition. My father was a jockey; my uncle and aunt were Bronc riders so I have had a background of western ways from birth.

My education was in the Browning Public School system and Reservation Boarding Schools. I attended smaller colleges and later Arizona State University. I have worked in the area of Social Work off and on at the Reservation and other areas throughout Indian country. Being involved with this work has always brought me pleasure while helping the Indian community.

My life changed when I met William "Bill" Deveraux and became a rodeo wife. We farmed ranched and went to numerous rodeos. I competed and helped with rodeos but my claim to fame was ribbons.

My first introduction the National Old Timers Rodeo Association was at their first finals, 1979, in Las Vegas. Of course that year I could only warm up the horses and sit in the stands and watch. I was never so happy in my life when I finally turned forty. My first partner was Arnie Johnson from cut Bank, MT. our first year, 1990, we won the Canadian Championship. In 1991 I was Reserve Champion in the U.S.

In 1993 I was crowned the Ambassador for Senior Pro Rodeo. By this time I was well acquainted with most of our members and took my position very serious. If I was at a rodeo and did not have my own horse, there was always someone there that would loan me a horse for the arena work.

I developed the flag presentations, I either had a person from their state purchase one or I would buy it. I carried the flags with me to every rodeo or my friend, Mary Stetler would take them. During my reign as the Ambassador, I worked the Canadian Senior Pro as well. We had cowboy Church Service and I accompanied the fellowship person.

We had a lot more members in those years and people volunteered their services to help make our rodeos a success.

Our rodeo and ranch life went on great until 1998, when I lost my husband from a long illness. Just when I thought my life was virtually over I met the most amazing man. They say destiny is just around the corner and it was.

A true love transpired. I met Russell Garrett or "Rusty" as he is known in our Senior Pro Rodeo life. We were both attending the Senior Pro rodeo finals in Reno, NV. We have been together ever since.

He has been very good to my children and grandchildren. We live in Tucson, AZ where his work is and we manage to get back to the ranch on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, MT whenever possible.

We both enjoy sponsoring the Senior Pro Rodeo and the past Canadian Senior Pro Rodeos. We have also supported the Indian National Finals, Tucson Rodeo, Open Rodeo's, Youth Rodeo's, and the College Rodeo in Tucson. Not only are we passionate about rodeo, we also love the communities we are associated with and support the many programs they have that are in need.

We are so blessed to have the life we have and the positive people we associate with.

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