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Clovis Muston

Clovis Muston was born in 1917 at Edna, TX. His father was a minister and moved the family back and forth between California and Texas until finally settling in California. Clovis took the Texans’ love of horses with him.

In California, he met and married Rachel. They were married for 61 years, until his death in 2005, and raised 3 daughters and 27 grand/great grandchildren.

Many family members have followed in their footsteps, participating in rodeos, ropings and various horse events.

While in California, Clovis and Rachel owned a ranch and started the C-C Riding Club. They held numerous ropings, gymkhanas, and even horse racing events. After two of their daughters moved to Idaho, they followed in 1972.

In 1980 they purchased the Rayne and Seale Arena in Nampa, ID, renaming it the Nampa Sports Arena. Clovis supported rodeo by having several Indian and Mexican rodeos and ropings at this arena.

In 1986, they sold the property and started wintering in Arizona. There, they re-connected with their California friends, playing cards and roping during the winters.

Around 1991, they joined NSPRA with the encouragement of Les Hirdes and other friends. Clovis and Rachel roped together and also with different partners.

He was the post for the ribbon roping event, regardless of the weather. Clovis belonged to the Northwest Old Timer’s Association and continued to rope until he was 86, winning several buckles and awards.

In 1998, with the help of family, Clovis and Rachel put together and NSPRA rodeo in Caldwell, ID, this was named rodeo of the year.

Truly supportive of each other and the sport of rodeo throughout their lives, he and Rachel were a good example of the cowboy way of life. They loved anything that included horses and people.

He also has won the CSPRA Runnerup Year End four times, as well as the 2009 CSPRA Finals Average.

Dale served on the NSPRA Board for three years, stands in as SW Director when necessary, and judges throughout the US and Canada. Dale is totally devoted to NSPRA, both as a contestant and as a support person.

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