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The NSPRA Hall of Fame began in Rifle, CO, in the late 1980's and has slowly but surely grown from a struggling, little known entity into a well respected, healthy organization.

The brain child of Rod Zang, a Rifle businessman who served on the Rifle Rodeo Committee, the Hall of Fame was established for the purpose of preserving the history, traditions, and accomplishments of the NSPRA as well as those of the men and women who have made significant contributions to the Association and to the sport of rodeo.

The first inductees into the Hall of Fame were the original 12 founding directors of the National Old Timers Rodeo Association (NOTRA), as the NSPRA was first known.

Every year since then, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee has selected three to five inductees to join the Hall of Fame.

As of 2007, the Hall of Fame has 64 members. In addition to the men and women inducted each year, a bareback horse, a saddle bronc horse, and a bucking bull are honored as bucking stock of the year.

Throughout the 25+ years of its existence, the Hall of Fame has collected much memorabilia donated by its inductees, NSPRA champions, and supporters. Located in the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton, MT, the Hall of Fame is well worth the time it takes to browse through it.

Nominations to the Hall of Fame may be made by anyone, and any person may be nominated-not necessarily members and contestants, but also announcers, committee persons, contractors, clowns, or any other person who has made a significant contribution to the growth and well being of the NSPRA and the sport of rodeo.

The Hall of Fame is strictly self-supporting, receiving no subsidy of any kind from the NSPRA. Two yearly fundraisers, the silent auction and the branding, plus the sale of posters, cash donations from individuals, and fish bowl donations at the Induction Ceremony itself, fund the activities of the Hall of Fame.

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