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Mario Cicucci

Mario Ciucci was born in Sacramento, California on October 23, 1942. He grew up in the country. At 11 years old he started working on a 1000 acre cattle ranch in Thornton, California.

In 1961-1969 Mario joined the California cowboys Association and began his passion to ride bareback horses. He participated in the Jim shoulders bareback riding school in 1962.

In 1969-1975 Mario joined the RCA (Rodeo Cowboys Association-now known as the PRCA.) rodeos, while managing a 2500 head cattle ranch in Clements, California.

The ranch made him an offer, he put rodeo on hold for the next 16 years to ranch full time.

In 1971 Mario ran a bucking horses riding school with John Hawkins (1963 world champion bareback rider). One of the best students to graduate the school was Pat Parelli.

Pat went on to the PRCA and is now nationally known for his natural horsemanship clinics. In 1978 Mario moved to Nevada. In 1993 the Senior Finals Rodeo was in Reno and he was a spectator. After the finals, the NSPRA card was bought and the fun started again with his friends!

Reta treasures her varied roles in life a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, ribbon- runner, and NSPRA Ribbon Roping Director.

One of his greatest achievements today is his two daughters and five granddaughters.

Mario is currently working with local high school students in the bareback riding event.

Two of his students are brothers who hold the 1st and 2nd seat in bareback riding event in Nevada high school rodeo standings. The brothers are headed to the high school national finals.

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