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Terry Sills

Born on a family farm in Shawnee, OK, Terry worked at a nearby race horse barn as a boy and snuck out occasionally to ride bulls at local amateur rodeos.

His family moved to Phoenix in 1968 where he attended both high school and college. On his 22nd birthday, he joined the Phoenix Police Department and spent the next 36 years with the department, the last 31 of which he served as a motorcycle officer.

An outstanding officer, he received numerous commendations and certificates of recognition for dedicated service. He became a motor instructor, a nationally recognized expert on impaired driving, a lobbyist for the police department with the state legislature, and spent the last few years in the Traffic Education and Safety Unit.

When Terry joined the NSPRA in 1992, he brought with him the same dedication and hard work ethic that made him a highly decorated police officer.

Although his career as a police officer and his devotion to his family kept Terry from rodeoing full time, he did make a run for the TR title in 2011, going into the SNFR in first and ending up third for the year.

Terry also rodeoed with the Law Enforcement Rodeo Association for over 20 years, winning numerous championships in TR and CR.

Although he didn't know what he was getting himself into at the time, he volunteered to be Stall & RV Boss at the SNFR in LV. Working all day and half the night for most of finals' week, Terry fulfilled his duties with utmost composure and professionalism, doing his best to accommodate everyone's needs and requests.

In addition, he took on the job of SNFR slack announcer, another difficult and time consuming job requiring patience, rodeo savvy, and commitment to the total production.

In spite of the long hours and the numerous demands, requests and questions which he dealt with throughout the week long SNFR, Terry was always polite, cheerful, positive, and efficient. He performed these duties for NSPRA for five years.

Terry and his wife, Cheryl, have three daughters, two son-in-laws, and three grandkids that are still active in the rodeo way of life. Although Terry was unable to compete continuously in NSPRA, he truly loves the organization and the people who make it so great!

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