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Pat Turk

Pat Turk Portrait

Pat was born an athlete, starting with bobby-sox soft ball, progressing to high school soft ball and on to local traveling leagues. She always played the highest action positions, shortstop or third base, on competitive teams that won many championships.

Later in life, she took up bowling and spent 20 years on local teams, competing at local, state and national tournaments, and won numerous team and individual awards. Then, along came golf. A “mention” is all it gets.

Pat started her rodeo career with the NSPRA in 1996 at the age of sixty. For years, she had followed her husband, Tom, to numerous rodeos. Finally, Tom challenged her to try ribbon roping with his team roping partner, Bob Ragsdale.

He bought her membership, and Pat and Rags entered the Scottsdale, Arizona rodeo. They were 9 flat and won the rodeo. All Tom could say was, “I just created a monster”. That year, Pat and Rags won the world.

Since then, Pat has won a total of eight NSPRA world championships, two reserve world championships, five NSPRA finals’ championships, and two Canadian finals’ championships.

Pat also served a two year term on the NSPRA Board as the ribbon roping director.

Pat has been married to Tom for 40 years. They raised three daughters, have six grandsons and ten great-grandchildren. Pat works as a secretary to a large farming organization for 47 years.

Tom spent 30 years in law enforcement and retired as the Undersheriff.

Together, they own a farm where they grow almonds.
Still running strong at 73 years young, Pat credits Tom and a series of outstanding ropers, Bob Ragsdale, Bill Kelly, Bob Wiley, E.P. Birkhead, Phil Rawlins, Arlyn Simms, Ernest Forsberg, and Leo Camarillo, for her exceptional success as a ribbon runner.

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